Last Ontario Bride Standing

Ontario is a place where women could have almost everything that they want at their convenience. Sure there are a lot who wishes to have perfect weddings but how far are women willing to go just so they could have the perfect wedding that they are dreaming of? Could they be willing to join a reality show? The answer is, yes!

Come April 12, 2011, brides will convene at the Chateau Le Jardin Conference and Event Venue and at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place for the 4th Last Bride Standing Contest. Here, brides do not just prepare for the wedding, they battle each other out to get exactly what they want.

This is the contest of all contests that feature brides-to-be competing against each other and eyeing the $100,000 wedding packages that include a free Wedding at Le Jardin Conference and Event Centre for 250 people! What bride would not want to join such a contest? All that brides should do is to be the last bride to stand with her hand on the wall.

The contests could last for days while elimination and bonus rounds where prizes are given off could also stir the competition to a hype. Atop all that, the brides could see the competition on television. In the program, the tension and the struggles of the brides could be seen. The fiancee would be the ones coaching the brides to hang on their to win the $60,000 as first prize. Of course, who would not want to have a perfect wedding without shelling a cent for it?

If you are a bride brave enough to face the struggles and to perfect everything that comes with your dream wedding, joining the Last Bride Standing would be the perfect idea for you. One could have a perfect way to tie the knot indeed and a victory to come with it as well.

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